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Impressive Portfolio

The daub company is known for its authorized brands. It includes a lot of versatile brands such as win casino, kitty bingo, lucky pants bingo and spin. Along with that recently a new brand has been added into its umbrella which is called as bingo extra. Moreover with all these versatile brands it has gained the bingo and slots property of table top entertainment likewise jackpot café, king jackpot and jackpot liner. The original owners behind the wink bingo and posh bingo were the Daub gaming. Daub bingo has made wink bingo as well as posh bingo very successful before 888 holdings purchased these in 2009.

Daub Develops

Own bingo software has been designed by the daub ltd and in that software some ancillaries are added to its software. The recent development in the company is that it has developed its own slot machines. Daub ltd has also attended the designing of a very unique Scratch-Card games which includes a combination of back-story and a sense of humour as well.

Daub On The Up

The daub ltd has remained behind the scene for lot of time and now after its appearance in online gaming it has become quite popular in online gaming world. The world has welcomed, for instance the advertisement for kitty bingo, an evil cat and man taking over the world. Daub is finally back after being silent for many years with its own software platform and versatile list of games. Daub offers a variety of games and offers. Daub is known for its versatile games and it because of this key feature it has become so popular among the players. In online gaming world daub is best known.

Going Mobile

Gone are the days when the player used to refresh the page every time he enters the gaming site. Now it has been done automatically at few daub sites. And it has become so easy for the players to play without refreshing their page each and every time. Today each and every person owns a mobile, it has become important for players and because of this purpose daub ltd has broadened its space by making few of its sites Ajax integrated and responsive. Few daub sites offers an automatic refresh option which makes it easy for the players to opt for those sites as it does not need much time and it is not time consuming and players get a hassle-free atmosphere on those sites. The new brands of daub proved to be different from other brands and attention seeker as well as innovative. These new brands of daub provide a lucrative promotions as well as great eye catching offers.

Featured Daub Sites

There are so many versatile sites of daub which provides lucrative offers and great deals as well as promotions. Few of these sites are 1. Spin and win
2. Kitty bingo
3. Lucky pants bingo
Along with that it has few other sites such as bingo extra.